Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rest in Peace-Anthony H. Wilson

Tony Wilson, one the great figures in popular music history died Friday at the age of 57. The first music that drew me out of the Top 40 woods as a kid was entirely from Manchester- Stone Roses, New Order, Joy Divsion, Happy Mondays, The Smiths... So to me the man that made Factory, The Hacienda and gave Peter Saville the free reign to become a ground breaking album art designer was my music industry hero. He was truly 'Manchester' never once moving to London. I had the pleasure to see him host several talks and make the rounds at the In The City conference (again his creation) and he was every bit the legend that preceded him. He was a total one off.
Paul Morley said it best in this obituary from the Guardian
"To some extent, even if he did say so himself, this compelling, unique hybrid of selfish visionary, TV hack, charming bully, generous tyrant, commissioning editor, playful philosopher, inconsistent genius and down-to-earth intellectual regenerated a declining city both economically and culturally"

Happy Mondays-24 Hour Party People


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