Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Other Usher

Look another remix!

From what I gather Al Usher is sort of a super Robin to Ewan Pearson's techno Batman. Pearson of course is the don of the smarty pants tech house remix. The kind of music educated graphic designers loose their expensive t-shirts over. He also co-produced the last Rapture album which was a mighty fine effort. About a year back Usher and Pearson paired together as 'Partial Arts' and released an album of quiet electronic goodness on Kompakt (they do no wrong- try them)
Over the last couple of months I've come across these remixes from Usher. The Camille remix is just some pretty stuff. The Winehouse mix gets an official release as a UK B-Side this month and would probably blow your mind if you'd never heard the original and had no interest in hand claps and horn sections.

Al Usher's new EP is just out on Misericordings (Ewan Pearson's label- full circle kids!) and it's very summery and Euro in a driving late at night when you shouldn't be way. Buy it from my third favorite record store in London, If

Camille-Ta Douleur (Al Usher Vocal)

Amy Winhouse-Tears Dry on Their Own (Al Usher Remix)

Partial Arts-Trauermusik


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