Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mark Ronson V 1.0

I've always had a lot of love for Mark Ronson. For someone that was basically born with a pretentious free pass he's relatively low key. I didn't give him much credit 'til I saw him DJ at Spa in like... oh shit 1998 and thought 'damn.. he's actually a GOOD DJ' - He continues to hold it down in New York every week on his East Village Radio show which is pretty impeccable.
I was living in London when his first album came out and bought the 'Oooh Wee' 12" to play at a Carnival party. I loved it loads and thought it was Top 40 heaven. Guess the US radio gods didn't agree since it went just about nowhere here. Check the video..Now that he's all bedhead and Fred Perry pretty funny to see him in his mid-20's down with the Shaolin phase.
Versions is out this week.. finally someone that likes Brit Pop and Hip Hop in as equal measure as myself... buyitbuyitbuyitbuyit.


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