Thursday, June 21, 2007

Au Revoir Sea Level

Sea Level wasn't my favorite record store, (Nigel at Rough Trade Notting Hill! Miss you and your weird ability to read my musical mind) but certainly my favorite in LA. It was the very first place I was taken when I arrived in the city(airports don't count)and most of the CD's I've bought since living here came from there. Admittedly I didn't go to often and lot of the time they wouldn't have what I was looking for so I'd buy something weird I didn't even like. I was eventually told the store motto was something along the lines of 'get use to being disappointed' (which when you think about about it could serve as a particularly pessimistic life motto as well) In any case it was a nice little joint and I'll miss it being there for sure. But the nature of city life should surely have taught us this lesson now.. enough bars and cafes, shops and theaters die a untimely death. (Halcyon Brooklyn, All of Ludlow Street..) Things pop up to take their place and we get use to moving on.
If you are in LA go to their Irish wake of a party on Friday. Here's a track from the Switch who are a jaunty local bunch that are playing. The second track is from the Elvis Perkins album 'Mayday', the last album I bought at Sea Level. (and could more people get into this guy please.. the definition of a sleeper if ever I heard one)
The Switch-Tongue Tied

Elvis Perkins-While You Were Sleeping


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