Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Nostalgia -DnB style

When I was a borderline alcoholic with a negative bank balance living alone in London in the summer of 1996 there was two kinds of music that defined the city for me. "Brit Pop" at its unquestionable peak (Blur Vs Oasis on national news) and Drum n Bass. I would trawl the pubs in Camden,come home, turn on the radio and hear it late night on Radio 1. It was the UK equivalent of NYC and hip hop. It was on the radio, coming out of cars and late night parties. There was harder stuff around to be sure but for that hot broke summer this music is my biggest memory. That and watching several grown men cry as Gareth Southgate missed a penalty against Germany knocking England out of Euro 1996.

I know LTJ and MC Conrad are still kicking around but this is a set in their UK big club prime. If you only have one DnB mix on the pod make it this. A little piece of summer in an MP3.
Happy Memorial Day- It will be a good summer, I can tell.

LTJ Bukem-The Essential Mix for Radio1 Live at Cream August 25, 1996


Blogger Rish said...

Ah yes; it's wicked, wicked good. How did we go from this to fifth-rate Libertines knock offs? (Sigh.)

2:23 AM  

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