Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rosebuds on the Remix

Another week another remix.. This one is a refix of the Rosebuds 'Night of the Furies' by London singer/songwriter/producer Gary Go. Quite how a indie pop Merge band and a UK purveyor of "mellowdramtic popular song" come together to equal a smooth little house-ish nugget like this is beyond me. But, that's why they're the artists and i just write about it. Mr Go, I would have gone for a longer mix if I were you, but all in all nice job.

The Rosebuds-Night of the Furies (Gary Go Remix)

**This may be a Tape Club xxclusive so enjoy, The Rosebuds site promises more remixes from Dean&Britta, Portastatic and others.


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