Friday, January 05, 2007

Still GP aka Mixtape Friday

I've had a quiet low lying love for Gilles Peterson for years and years. It probably started when I was 15 and for certain the only person in my southern Maine high school with a passion for 'acid jazz'. I grew up, but not enough to stop me from hanging the Rankin photo of Gilles on my pinboard in my New York office 10 years later. The years tick on by but Gilles just stays Gilles. I was listening to his All Winners show on the radio last week and realized he's never strayed from his tastes but still manages to find music that makes you go 'i LOVE this'. He's a super jazz geek, but he was the first person to play the new Snoop and brings a palpable enthusiasm to his interviews with old Brazilian legends. It's all over the place and all good. He's the little human incarnation of Radio Nova with very little ego and a relatively low profile. From this small place in a quiet blog, I salute you Gilles.

Check his latest show (a salute to James Brown) here

His blog with excellent podcasts is here

And a mix for you. Courtesy of Bristol agents, bookers, designers, DJ's Futureboogie
It's a soul/tech/jazzy mix from Gilles mainstays Jazzanova. Check their new track with Thief in the mix here. Love it.

Jazzanova Mix for Futureboogie


Blogger F-14 said...

Amazing, Loving the jazzanova mix! I'd slipped out of the GP listening habit (unlike me). Back on it now : )

3:13 PM  

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