Thursday, January 18, 2007


My grandad, bless him, is busily entering the digital age. He is nearly 87 now and has a mobile phone, he watches DVDs having skipped the VHS age (perhaps he preferred Betamax), he chats on skype with upside down rellies using a bluetooth headset. He's so embraced the digital revolution he asked me if I would "put" an old Pavarotti compilation 12" onto a CD so he can listen to it with the wireless sennheisers he has which let him do the garden while listening untethered.

Nana would have been bemused but unsurprised if she were still here, he used to be an aircraft/hovercraft designer after all.

While cleaning up the dustly old record, I dug through a few more bits and bobs to pass the while and came across this, intrigued by the cover I stuck it on and continued to leaf through. The first track had me transfixed, and left Can't Get Enough by Barry White (RIP) swinging gently between thumb and forefinger. The liner notes are written by him and describe in a diary like fashion the route to this LP via a permanently blinding dynamite cap accident at his dads farm in wyoming, to the streets of NYC. I could go on, but the internet is probably brimming with more than I have time to spare.

I'm sure this is chip paper to you all, but here's that first track, still sounding fresh, and one other from later in the album; as sampled by Mr scruff. Didn't see that one coming!


MOONDOG - Birds Lament


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Moon Dog is God!

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