Monday, January 08, 2007

His Royal Language

Writing about GP got me thinking of my other favorite DJ's. Since the folks at Other Music turned me onto his first couple of mixes I've been a huge fan of DJ Lanuage. (or Prince Language as he goes by sometimes) He's from Chicago but calls NY home. After loving the mix CD's, seeing him at Negroclash at APT (his old regular along with the Tribeca Grand and perhaps still Hotel QT .. can't find to much info on that) for the first time was a happy dancing blur of disco, funk, chaka khan, Feist remixes and some Fela. His style is uniquely New York. It's the music equivlent of those first few warm days in April, staying up late, excited that it's over 50 degrees, "margarita to go" cup in hand as you pass the basketball courts. (except for this year when New York decided to skip winter)

I managed to find a couple of newer mixes for you. (HUGE props to, check that ASAP)

DJ Language -No Comprendo Mix 1

DJ Language-No Comprendo Mix 2

Bonus track -The Rapture -Get Myself Into It (Prince Language Disco Edit)


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