Thursday, January 18, 2007

4(eva) Hero

Yes! 4 Hero are back! They never went away really. Just seems they take ages to put out new albums. It's funny yesterday I was just thinking how much I felt like listening to Inner City Life by Goldie. Total landmark track that goes hand in hand with the first couple of 4Hero albums.
Check the the playback of Benji B's show on BBC 1Extra. It's a 4 Hero special. Marc Mac and Dego are interviewed (and claim they'd pick football over music anyday) and plays lots of tracks from the new album. (and you can hear my shout out- I won a signed album!)

Benji B-4Hero Special

MIX! Dego at WMC 2001
*streaming only-sorry


My grandad, bless him, is busily entering the digital age. He is nearly 87 now and has a mobile phone, he watches DVDs having skipped the VHS age (perhaps he preferred Betamax), he chats on skype with upside down rellies using a bluetooth headset. He's so embraced the digital revolution he asked me if I would "put" an old Pavarotti compilation 12" onto a CD so he can listen to it with the wireless sennheisers he has which let him do the garden while listening untethered.

Nana would have been bemused but unsurprised if she were still here, he used to be an aircraft/hovercraft designer after all.

While cleaning up the dustly old record, I dug through a few more bits and bobs to pass the while and came across this, intrigued by the cover I stuck it on and continued to leaf through. The first track had me transfixed, and left Can't Get Enough by Barry White (RIP) swinging gently between thumb and forefinger. The liner notes are written by him and describe in a diary like fashion the route to this LP via a permanently blinding dynamite cap accident at his dads farm in wyoming, to the streets of NYC. I could go on, but the internet is probably brimming with more than I have time to spare.

I'm sure this is chip paper to you all, but here's that first track, still sounding fresh, and one other from later in the album; as sampled by Mr scruff. Didn't see that one coming!


MOONDOG - Birds Lament

Monday, January 15, 2007

Aint no sunshine....

..... when you're unemployed. Well thats not 100% true - today its really sunny and I'm still unemployed - anyway I had a dig around some old CDs looking for some mixtapes but came across this tune which used to make me happy when I was younger, employed and the sun shone *sniff*

Monday, January 08, 2007

His Royal Language

Writing about GP got me thinking of my other favorite DJ's. Since the folks at Other Music turned me onto his first couple of mixes I've been a huge fan of DJ Lanuage. (or Prince Language as he goes by sometimes) He's from Chicago but calls NY home. After loving the mix CD's, seeing him at Negroclash at APT (his old regular along with the Tribeca Grand and perhaps still Hotel QT .. can't find to much info on that) for the first time was a happy dancing blur of disco, funk, chaka khan, Feist remixes and some Fela. His style is uniquely New York. It's the music equivlent of those first few warm days in April, staying up late, excited that it's over 50 degrees, "margarita to go" cup in hand as you pass the basketball courts. (except for this year when New York decided to skip winter)

I managed to find a couple of newer mixes for you. (HUGE props to, check that ASAP)

DJ Language -No Comprendo Mix 1

DJ Language-No Comprendo Mix 2

Bonus track -The Rapture -Get Myself Into It (Prince Language Disco Edit)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Still GP aka Mixtape Friday

I've had a quiet low lying love for Gilles Peterson for years and years. It probably started when I was 15 and for certain the only person in my southern Maine high school with a passion for 'acid jazz'. I grew up, but not enough to stop me from hanging the Rankin photo of Gilles on my pinboard in my New York office 10 years later. The years tick on by but Gilles just stays Gilles. I was listening to his All Winners show on the radio last week and realized he's never strayed from his tastes but still manages to find music that makes you go 'i LOVE this'. He's a super jazz geek, but he was the first person to play the new Snoop and brings a palpable enthusiasm to his interviews with old Brazilian legends. It's all over the place and all good. He's the little human incarnation of Radio Nova with very little ego and a relatively low profile. From this small place in a quiet blog, I salute you Gilles.

Check his latest show (a salute to James Brown) here

His blog with excellent podcasts is here

And a mix for you. Courtesy of Bristol agents, bookers, designers, DJ's Futureboogie
It's a soul/tech/jazzy mix from Gilles mainstays Jazzanova. Check their new track with Thief in the mix here. Love it.

Jazzanova Mix for Futureboogie