Monday, December 11, 2006

Try Try Try

Friday night, I headed to the Little Radio warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Now, it was one of those parties with multiple sponsers that you have to RSVP for. (so the aforementioned sponsers can snag your email address and invite you to more parties) Usually I get lots of emails for this kind of thing. But, this one I found out about the evening of. It was a Puma/Fader/Heineken thing. My newfound love for Professor Murder was such that we decided to throw caution to the grimy downtown wind and head down to 'talk our way in'. Well looks pretty much, um NO ONE, else had that idea. Personally I think I could of got more people down there then the magazine and 'major' brands did. I mean seriously open bar and 'buzz' band equals 100 people?! In the end it didn't really matter. Fun was had, dancing was done, beer was drunk, new friends were made. And even though they couldn't even half fill the place, The Fader managed to get 3 photographers (seriously it was silly) on the scene and post the entire show on their blog the next day.
Relive my Friday night.
Professor Murder-Live at Little Radio Warehouse, Los Angeles December 8,2006

Find out more about the band and buy their EP (its GOOD!) here


Blogger kla said...

thanks for your comments on friday's Professer Murder show at Little Radio. As the one who put the show on, the feedback is helpful. To be honest, I was amazed myself... over 700 rsvp's (it has to be a guestlist if you want to give out free beer, it's the way it works) and turnout was sparse. And for a band like PMurder? A tragedy really since they kick serious ass. But rest assured, no one has your emails but me, we do not share with the sponsors and they are not used internally either unless you've subscribed for our events invites. It's hard not to knock major sponsors but someone has to cover the costs of getting the bands out and providing free drinks so better to acknowledge the benefits they allow than knock them. And if you have any advice on how to entertain this fickle LA crowd, I'm all ears. Us New Yorkers don't pass up shows like this, especially not for a little rain.

11:04 AM  
Blogger TwitchyAcorn said...

Hi KLA -
I'll just respond to you here and hope you see this.
Though it's easy to knock corporate sponsers, I also see every day in my job in music marketing that the benefits, to band and audience, far out weigh any imagined tainting of an otherwise 'pure' event. But, I don't think a brand can be responsible if they just slap down some cash, jpeg a logo for the invite and hope for the best. Someone like Puma and Heineken should not only get their name attached to the right events and parties but know how to get the right people to these events. I'm guessing you work for the Fader? Cornerstone has shown they know their way around the field of music marketing so I'm not sure what went wrong. My number one tip is if you aren't a local, you better get more then a few whsipering in your ear before staging a party in another city. Maybe not even pairing with a local promoter but paying out a small piece of change for them to do a email out for you. There are a few low pro but sucessful promoters and party throwers that do events here every week that target the same crew of people that you were going for with this party. I could go on and on but if you want to continue discussion you can reach me at Like i said at the end of the day the night was real fun. Just needed more people to share in the dance party!

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