Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Population: Party Cookie

The LA Weekly ran a rather lengthy feature on the music scene in my neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles this week. While it's nice to see the bands get coverage, check the tone set but this opening paragraph.

"A decidedly stalkable Annie Hardy leans against the front of the Echo, on Sunset near Glendale Boulevard, amid a meandering parade of 50 or so youthful thrift-store-fashion aficionados. A petite and pasty little party cookie, she reads 15 and trailer-park slutty to the naked eye, but is actually 25 and Silver Lake savvy. She lights a cigarette, looks like she may have had a drink or two, and effects a flat-line veneer, but her darting eyes are a dead giveaway. She’s absolutely engaged. Networking. Eastside style. "

So a 50 yr old male journalist starts a feature on a neighborhood full of bands by calling the lead singer from one of it's leading lights, Giant Drag, a "pasty little party cookie"? Normally I'm not the type to start climbing up high on the soapbox to wave the flag for feminism. But is that not a bit, well,... gross to you? The article goes to mention their actual music precisely, zero, times.
As the subtitle states the pieces discusses, "old-school heads to prepubescent punks, Silver Lake is where L.A.’s indie rock heart still beats". It did a serviceable enough job of doing that, but this being an incredibly exciting, young and artisitic neighborhood, it would have been nice to read about some bands that didn't obsessivly listen to Ride in high school. Hip hop? jazz? It's all here. 'Where LA's musical heart beat' would have been more appropriate.

The entire article is here for your perusal.

At least reading this reminded me that I've been meaning to stroll over to Sea Level to pick up the Sea Wolf EP. Their web site will tell you that their are approximetly 10 "sometimes" members of this band. From what I can tell it's a mish mash of Irving, Earlimart and Patrick Park. I love their EP of 5 beautiful songs with a hand stamped cover. And you don't even have to feel guilty about downloading these two songs from it. The band provide the links straight from their website.

Sea Wolf-Black Dirt

Sea Wolf-You're a Wolf

Oh and in case you were wondering what a DOES a 25 yr old 'trailer park slutty' eastsider sound like.


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