Thursday, December 07, 2006

Peel Pod

Podcasts save me every day on the often unfun traffic filled drive to and from work. I subscribe to loads and set them on random. This one has been coming up a lot lately. It's called Slash Music and it's part of Channel 4's new(ish) attempt at setting up a music site. The draw is that it's hosted by Tom Ravenscroft aka John Peel's son. I know it must not be easy following your fathers foot steps when he was one of, if not the, best loved DJ in UK history. But, it's clear he loves music and is good at the chatter so why not. He def has his fathers taste for ... well everything. Pop, ragga, super weird electronic. It's almost all unsigned so you get to hear a lot of things you've never even heard OF, nevermind heard.
Last time I listened a band called The Sleeping Years caught my ears. (is that a saying? caught ears?...anyway) First thought was they reminded me of a non goth acoustic Placebo. You can read more about them (really a him, who was formerlly in the band Catchers) here
This is def the best song I've heard by them so far. The Sleeping Years-Islands

You can read more about Tom here

I also highly reccomend the John Peel (auto)biography which Tom along with the rest of his family finished writing when John passed away half through it's completion. Aside from the musical antidotes he led an amazingly interesting life.


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