Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ho Ho Ho-ing (and things of that nature)

I just wanted to throw up this "holiday" mix for all your parties this week. I can say that this was road tested at an actual Christmas party (yeah we were all white wasps/catholics who didn't quite know what, exactly Kwanza was) and it went down a treat. Even after the fourth play all the way through. People (me?) even started singing along to the 'kwanza kwanza...' song. And it was totally to do with how great the mix was and not the 4 pots of mulled wine that was drunk.

Peanut Butter Wolf Christmas Mix

Keeping it in the Stones Throw Family check this promo for Christmas Eve with Doom on Adult Swim. Personally, I'd love to stay up waiting for Santa with that crazy bastard.


Blogger nix said...

my mom loves it too!!

9:36 PM  

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