Thursday, December 28, 2006

Change Tack

Hello tapeclub!!

been a while, partly I guess due to the reduction of my broadband connection to sub dialup speeds for a couple of months - BT we love you - Anyway, as usual, I'm always lurking in the trees, checking the tunes, collecting up stuff I figure will be of interest to you all. Today I watched The Killing Fields for the first time. And despite being filmed in Thailand not cambodia (like most films about Vietnam also) it compelled me to relisten to some of the audio recordings I made there when I visited. The audio always brought back the memories the smells the heat so much more than any of my pictures ever did (see above). I thought I'd webify them and share them, if you like them maybe I'll post afew more. This first one is more relevant to tapeclub as I heard some music floating through the trees, probably quite unwisely for a country with such a huge landmine problem, I pressed record, gripped my flipflops with my toes and headed off into the jungle. I figured at least if I did get nailed, something like "The Hustle" by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony would be playing in the film version as I floated away... thinking about that made me smile.

juab k'nea ta'ngay krai


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i really love it!

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