Thursday, December 28, 2006

Change Tack

Hello tapeclub!!

been a while, partly I guess due to the reduction of my broadband connection to sub dialup speeds for a couple of months - BT we love you - Anyway, as usual, I'm always lurking in the trees, checking the tunes, collecting up stuff I figure will be of interest to you all. Today I watched The Killing Fields for the first time. And despite being filmed in Thailand not cambodia (like most films about Vietnam also) it compelled me to relisten to some of the audio recordings I made there when I visited. The audio always brought back the memories the smells the heat so much more than any of my pictures ever did (see above). I thought I'd webify them and share them, if you like them maybe I'll post afew more. This first one is more relevant to tapeclub as I heard some music floating through the trees, probably quite unwisely for a country with such a huge landmine problem, I pressed record, gripped my flipflops with my toes and headed off into the jungle. I figured at least if I did get nailed, something like "The Hustle" by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony would be playing in the film version as I floated away... thinking about that made me smile.

juab k'nea ta'ngay krai

Monday, December 25, 2006

December Mixtape: going home.

This one's inspired by traveling to one's hometown for the holiday season...visiting with relatives, drinking and eating excessively while forgetting the fabulous life and remembering where you came from.

PS: To pass the boredom: SoCo + Cranberry Juice + Lime = the perfect holiday cocktail!




Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ho Ho Ho-ing (and things of that nature)

I just wanted to throw up this "holiday" mix for all your parties this week. I can say that this was road tested at an actual Christmas party (yeah we were all white wasps/catholics who didn't quite know what, exactly Kwanza was) and it went down a treat. Even after the fourth play all the way through. People (me?) even started singing along to the 'kwanza kwanza...' song. And it was totally to do with how great the mix was and not the 4 pots of mulled wine that was drunk.

Peanut Butter Wolf Christmas Mix

Keeping it in the Stones Throw Family check this promo for Christmas Eve with Doom on Adult Swim. Personally, I'd love to stay up waiting for Santa with that crazy bastard.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ho Ho Ho Hum

Hey Kids

its been a while since I posted up here - hope everyone is well. So the year is closing to an end and time to start making plans for two thousand and heaven as its already been dubbed my silly creative friends. What does next year hold? Will I finally get a job? Move to the states? Quit smoking? Who knows but here's to giving all three a go.

The Dresden Dolls - Shores Of California

If I did manage to move to Cali then I would defo listen to this mix driving along the freeway of an eve - its by some kids who have a club night round the corner from my house called Allez-Allez. Super chilled late night beats - not my usual mix-tape recommendation styles but good nonetheless.

Weekend Steve's Skinny Mix

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A New New Mix



My Tapeclub lovers. Stop over to the Little Engine for the new new December Playlist.

More hot Beirut action, New Shins, That's Him! That's the Guy! and more.

All the best in the upcoming holiday season.

[raises eggnog]

To Tapeclub!


dr. thunder

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Population: Party Cookie

The LA Weekly ran a rather lengthy feature on the music scene in my neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles this week. While it's nice to see the bands get coverage, check the tone set but this opening paragraph.

"A decidedly stalkable Annie Hardy leans against the front of the Echo, on Sunset near Glendale Boulevard, amid a meandering parade of 50 or so youthful thrift-store-fashion aficionados. A petite and pasty little party cookie, she reads 15 and trailer-park slutty to the naked eye, but is actually 25 and Silver Lake savvy. She lights a cigarette, looks like she may have had a drink or two, and effects a flat-line veneer, but her darting eyes are a dead giveaway. She’s absolutely engaged. Networking. Eastside style. "

So a 50 yr old male journalist starts a feature on a neighborhood full of bands by calling the lead singer from one of it's leading lights, Giant Drag, a "pasty little party cookie"? Normally I'm not the type to start climbing up high on the soapbox to wave the flag for feminism. But is that not a bit, well,... gross to you? The article goes to mention their actual music precisely, zero, times.
As the subtitle states the pieces discusses, "old-school heads to prepubescent punks, Silver Lake is where L.A.’s indie rock heart still beats". It did a serviceable enough job of doing that, but this being an incredibly exciting, young and artisitic neighborhood, it would have been nice to read about some bands that didn't obsessivly listen to Ride in high school. Hip hop? jazz? It's all here. 'Where LA's musical heart beat' would have been more appropriate.

The entire article is here for your perusal.

At least reading this reminded me that I've been meaning to stroll over to Sea Level to pick up the Sea Wolf EP. Their web site will tell you that their are approximetly 10 "sometimes" members of this band. From what I can tell it's a mish mash of Irving, Earlimart and Patrick Park. I love their EP of 5 beautiful songs with a hand stamped cover. And you don't even have to feel guilty about downloading these two songs from it. The band provide the links straight from their website.

Sea Wolf-Black Dirt

Sea Wolf-You're a Wolf

Oh and in case you were wondering what a DOES a 25 yr old 'trailer park slutty' eastsider sound like.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Try Try Try

Friday night, I headed to the Little Radio warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Now, it was one of those parties with multiple sponsers that you have to RSVP for. (so the aforementioned sponsers can snag your email address and invite you to more parties) Usually I get lots of emails for this kind of thing. But, this one I found out about the evening of. It was a Puma/Fader/Heineken thing. My newfound love for Professor Murder was such that we decided to throw caution to the grimy downtown wind and head down to 'talk our way in'. Well looks pretty much, um NO ONE, else had that idea. Personally I think I could of got more people down there then the magazine and 'major' brands did. I mean seriously open bar and 'buzz' band equals 100 people?! In the end it didn't really matter. Fun was had, dancing was done, beer was drunk, new friends were made. And even though they couldn't even half fill the place, The Fader managed to get 3 photographers (seriously it was silly) on the scene and post the entire show on their blog the next day.
Relive my Friday night.
Professor Murder-Live at Little Radio Warehouse, Los Angeles December 8,2006

Find out more about the band and buy their EP (its GOOD!) here

November Mix.....December hot on the tail

For those parties interested. Check out a a new mix over at the little engine blog.

It was meant for november. another mix will be going up shortly.


dr thunder

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Peel Pod

Podcasts save me every day on the often unfun traffic filled drive to and from work. I subscribe to loads and set them on random. This one has been coming up a lot lately. It's called Slash Music and it's part of Channel 4's new(ish) attempt at setting up a music site. The draw is that it's hosted by Tom Ravenscroft aka John Peel's son. I know it must not be easy following your fathers foot steps when he was one of, if not the, best loved DJ in UK history. But, it's clear he loves music and is good at the chatter so why not. He def has his fathers taste for ... well everything. Pop, ragga, super weird electronic. It's almost all unsigned so you get to hear a lot of things you've never even heard OF, nevermind heard.
Last time I listened a band called The Sleeping Years caught my ears. (is that a saying? caught ears?...anyway) First thought was they reminded me of a non goth acoustic Placebo. You can read more about them (really a him, who was formerlly in the band Catchers) here
This is def the best song I've heard by them so far. The Sleeping Years-Islands

You can read more about Tom here

I also highly reccomend the John Peel (auto)biography which Tom along with the rest of his family finished writing when John passed away half through it's completion. Aside from the musical antidotes he led an amazingly interesting life.

Got a Jones

It's Mixtape Thursday evening!! He's a mix by James from Bristol. James and I have many mutual friends but somehow have never met. Through the magic fairy dust of the internet we got in touch (check it out he resembles a rather jaunty trilby) He holds it down every Sunday at a lovely little place in a cute corner of the ville called Bristol. I'd really reccomend Bristol on your next UK jaunt. Its cozy there. Cozy in a near Wales, with good music and shops kind of way. After hearing this I really think we need to DJ together sometime. Here's a mix of all sorts of soul. (and disco!)

SoulFiesta Mix

Monday, December 04, 2006

Does It Offend You, Yeah??

Here's a pretty nice little mix Does It Offend You, Yeah? put together for London's XFM, which includes 3 of their own songs, as well as Busta Rhymes, Franz Ferdinand, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' best song, and more:

Does It Offend You, Yeah? XFM Mix mp3 (63.5 MB)

The Tracklist:

01: Intro 2 Darkside DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH?
02: Ross Ross Ross SEBASTIAN
03: Seconds HUMAN LEAGUE
04: What's Your Name Again BUSY P
05: La Rock VITALIC
06: Battle Royale DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH?
07: Robot Rock (Overdrive Mix) DAFT PUNK
10: The Fallen (Justice Mix) FRANZ FERDINAND
12: 8Bitcoward MYOKO
13: Weird Science DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH?
14: We Are Rockstars DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH?

Enjoy from the bottom of my black black heart.

dr. thunder