Friday, November 10, 2006

Take Yo Broke Ass Home!

Let me start by saying how glad I am that Tapeclub is back on track - its been too long since we all 'got involved' - anyway - this song is a little old now but I love it - the original Gwen tune is pretty lame but the melody / chord progression towards the end of the song makes me want to squeal and dance at the same time - love it.

DJ Ayres - Broke Ass Home

Those who are interested will note that this is the same tune (although this is the remix) as on the new Fergie album and the Luda rap is exactly the same. What, as they say, gives?


Blogger nix said...

oh yes! this was my synchopated answer to everything for a couple of months. somehow i still have a friend or two. nice post.

11:56 PM  

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