Saturday, November 18, 2006


I def have a serious magazine fixation. I'm not sure how big the Jane/Economist crossover is, but I subscribe to both and too many others. I don't often read one cover to cover but I did that with Fader today. It reminds of when i use to find zines in high school and go mail order the records that were reviewed. Much quicker these days... These are 3 bands I read about today who sounded interesting and didn't dissapoint upon further investigation

The Blow are from a boy/girl duo from Portland. The article made them sound sort of whimsical and cutesy. Especially since they are associated with K records and they've never been shy of the cute factor. But they also said they'd been making music alone for awhile and this was the first time they'd stepped up the production beyond lo fi...

The Blow-Pile of Gold

Escort describe themselves as an "11 piece disco orchestra from Brooklyn" I found it hard to belive that i hadn't got into them already then I read Ayes, Trevor Jackson and DJ Language are all fans and heard Starlight and realized I'd heard it dropped in a mix more then once. Love love love it! It's very late night APT or Firecarcker Here's the Darshan from Metroarea mix..

Escort-Starlight(Darshan Jesrani Dub

Finally we have Professor Murder also representing the BK 718.. They are very Rapture whithout sounding like them to much. Sometimes it's that simple..
Professor Murder-Free Stess Test

**I know I know Dr Thunder already posed The Blow... sometimes things just get lost in the mix.. so here they are AGAIN.. Tapeclub hearts The Blow

Friday, November 10, 2006

Take Yo Broke Ass Home!

Let me start by saying how glad I am that Tapeclub is back on track - its been too long since we all 'got involved' - anyway - this song is a little old now but I love it - the original Gwen tune is pretty lame but the melody / chord progression towards the end of the song makes me want to squeal and dance at the same time - love it.

DJ Ayres - Broke Ass Home

Those who are interested will note that this is the same tune (although this is the remix) as on the new Fergie album and the Luda rap is exactly the same. What, as they say, gives?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

None of your frizzness! dance tunes for 11/06

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Love It

Just returned from a week in New York and heard this... one of those moments when you hear the perfect song at the perfect time.. (these guys are from Liverpool and have released this is Japan already)

The Wombats-Moving to New York

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fall 2006

So it's here. I took a time out. I finished the Fall Mix for you all. I hope that you enjoy it. The process is simple - I try to focus on new music - but more importantly music that I love. I decided to do a cross-blog post as well - introduce some readers to different blogs.
So this is going up on the blog that I write on with my co-consipirator, Daniel, at Dreaming Wide Awake. Daniel plays in Judah Johnson - if you don't know them - head over to their myspace and listen to some music. While you are there - catch up on the band's blog - it's really quite good, Noah, Rodrigo, Charlie and Daniel all hold it down.
It's also going up on Tape Club - a blog of many friends - Twitchy, Grumblemouse, Nix, F-14, all the kids, from all over. Shout outs.
Lastly, but not leastly, it's going up on the Little Engine blog. All are invited. All are welcome. Stop by, but please remove your shoes at the door. And please, wear a thoughtful hat.

I hope you all are well - enjoy the mix - up for right now as a yousendit link - if you miss out - drop me a line at // / / // / /


King Straggler // Drunk Again Waltz
DJ Shadow // This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela // Tamacun
Citizen Cope // Awe
Devotchka // The Last Beat of My Heart
John Cale // Paris 1919
Junip // Black Refuge
Ray LaMontagne // Barfly
Marit Bergman // My Love
The Whitest Boy Alive // Don't Give Up
The Roots // Long Time (Ft Peedi Peedi & Bunny Sigler)
Murs // L.A.
The Presets // Girl and the Sea
Home Video // Sleep Sweet
The Rapture // Get Myself Into It
James Figurine // Apologies
The Blow // Pile of Gold
Van She // Kelly (Cut Copy Mix)

Happy Fall!