Saturday, September 16, 2006

Comp Attack

At my job i have the small pleasure of recieving many a free complication CD in the mail. Usually they come with magazines. So here we have our little theme for this post. My favorite selections from the most recent compilations from Fader (the Cornerstone Mixtape), Vice (which only seems to come to subscribers these days) and Paste (kind a of US version of Word meets Mojo... pretty damn good actually)

First up is a track from the Rhymefest album. I don't know, a lot of press and hype seemed to pass him by when this album came out. Hope he gets his due -it's damn fine album, more street then Lupe but maybe not "street" enough to catch the hype. Who knows.. here's a funny one for you

Rhymefest Feat Mario-All Girls Cheat

From the Vice comp is a track by Sparrows Swarm and Sing(what a good name) I'd never heard them before and love this track. (which is actually an excerpt since the full is about 10 minutes long) Sort of Mogwai w/ a sprinkling of Calexico. And they're from Lowell, MA! Hi Massachusetts, see you soon.

Sparrows Swarm and Sing-Warm Blood Within

And last but not least was a happy surprise from the Paste compilation. A track from the new Greg Graffin solo album. I loved Bad Religion in high school and Greg's voice was a big part of it. I'd heard he'd done a solo album of 'traditional American music' and really didn't care to investigate. However, this track w/ Jolie Holland really impressed. Turns out he grew up in the semi-rural midwest singing these kinds of songs with his family growing up. Ah- i was quick to judge yet again.. shame on me.. check it! (and totally wipe from your memory '21st Century Digital Boy' as you listen)

Greg Graffin featuring Jolie Holland-Talk About Suffering

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pedal Plan

Woah, it's been a long time.
My only excuse is I've been cycling around a lot this summer, and it's been keeping me so entertained I thought I'd share some of the songs I've enjoyed while gently pedalling around the city.

1. Yves Montand - La bicyclette
Like a male Edith Piaf, makes me feel all sixties and Jean Paul Belmondo ish except not as good looking and with a few less cigarettes.

2. Frank Zappa - Franks Bicycle
This is amazing! I love it not only is it before frank was much much more well known, but it has this quite surreal freaky quality. Very funny.

3. Muddy Waters - Smokestack Lightnin'
What can I say about this that hasn't been. I like the way it glamourises in my head scrubby bits of town. makes them seem all good.

4. Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride
OOofff. Good for a bit of a punch to get you past those bendy busses as they decide to pull away from the stop without checking their mirrors.

5. Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
Start at the top of primrose hill to this, fly past the zoo and head down portland street. Brian eno's crazy noises pushing you along.

6. Be Your Own PET - bicycle bicycle you are my bicycle
Haa ha ha! BLAM battling the commuters, who take it OH SO Seriously : )

7. The Roots - Don't Feel Right
Waiting at traffic lights, cabbies pushing up into your area.

8. Justin Timberlake - Damn Girl (Feat. Will.I.Am)
Haven't listened to this properly, but seems like a winner to me.

9. Inner Life - Moment Of My Life (Salsoul 12 Inch)
Great start your trip tune... or for blaring out of speakers in a nicked tescos hand basket attached to the back.

10. Inner Life I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
Oh go on then... just one more

11. The Dynatones - The Fife Piper
Heavy northern soul instrumental... just about the right pace, one thats good for when you have to keep on going even though you'd rather stop for a pint.

12. Yusef Lateef - The Plum Blossom
Delicate, open, I listen to this one in the quieter places, like bishopsgate on a sunday morning

13. Bruno Coulais - Norbu Et Karma
Those thunderclouds roll in the breeze picks up, you speed up not wanting to get a wet arse.

14. Micah P Hinson - Seems Almost Impossible
Lovely. Stop at the southbank watch the sunset and the people stroll by

15. Richard Hawley - Just Like The Rain
Feel better, pick up again and pedal home hoping that the next song doesn't occur.

16. Tom Waits - Broken Bicycles

dunno whats up with yousendit...?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Its not dead... was just on summer vacation! Anyway - i won't carry on about the whys and why nots of tape clubs abandonment. I'll just throw something up here. I got this in the mail this morning from InSound They are starting up some new Mp3 a day in your email mailing list and this was the first one. I think most people think of Insound as so indie the staff must still be all wearing ringer t's. Maybe that's what they picked such a keyboard heavy first track.. buck the system and all. Anyway here's a litte ditty called Kelly by a band from Sydney called Van She.

Van She-Kelly