Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The best song in the world?

Poor old Tapeclub - he has been a little neglected of late - is it the summer? lack of tunes that we all love and need to share? Well at times like this I think its only right to pull out the big guns and give Tapeclub perhaps the best song in the world ever. Now I know thats a bold claim and anyone who knows me or has been checking Stupid Hat recently will know that practically every other day I find 'the best song in the world' but there really is something about Calexico and especially Quattro. More than any other song that I've listened too it really gets me and quite often when I'm listening to them I think 'is this really the most perfect music in the world?'. This song and also Calexico have so many influences and sounds that I think they definetly come close to being perfect - I've played this tune when I've been down and I've DJ'd it when I've been on top of the world - wherever you are or however you're feeling it just seems to make everything better. So here you are Tapeclub - I hope you'll forgive me for being so slack.

Calexico - Quattro


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