Monday, August 14, 2006

Forget what I said last week

I keep thining of good little clusters of songs to put up here, then I stumble across one track that I love so much or have forgotten (or usually both) about and the whole plan gets delayed again. When i lived in NYC in the late 90's-'01 years there were a whole lot of bands that lived in my neighborhood. These days it's hearing those bands that evoke my time living there more then anything else could. Luna and the Strokes are the first ones that come to mind. They walked the same streets, drank in the same bars, generally just hung around the same places I did. I believe any band signed to Matador in the 90's was contractually obligated to drink at Max Fish at least once a week. I had completely forgotten about their existence until today but White Hassle was another one of those bands. They were Marcellus Hall and Dave Varanka from Railroad Jerk and I think someone from Skeleton Key. They never caused a huge stir but they ticked along just fine in New York and toured Europe. They are now "on hiatus" and probably would have been sooner had it not been for Isacc Brock from Modest Mouse. He tatooed the name of this song on his own forearm. When 'Float On' was being played everywhere from Vh1 to my local gas station he told every journalist that would listen that this was the song that helped pull him out of a depression . Shortly after he asked them to play the first American All Tomorrow's Parties that he curated. I'll leave it to Issac to sum it up better then I could.. "When I heard it, I thought, 'This is nice. This is actually an unsarcastically positive song.' I was like, 'Let's fuck this doom-and- gloom bullshit.' It was a really good thing to get reminded of, you know? I made up my mind that things were going to be better."

White Hassle-Life is Still Sweet

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blame it on the Sunshine

I'd been "brewing" a new post for a while, which really meant I was doing other things like being lazy cycling around on "Carmen" swimming in toxic algae and not really brewing anything other than cups of rooibos. Thanks to Grumble & Twitchy kitty got sprayed with the garden hose, so without further ado:

1: Nancy Holloway - Hurts So Bad
I think I might have posted a Nancy tune called "Sand and Rain" before, possibly while drunk, I love that tune, and decided to have a hunt around, this is what turned up. Just love the hit of the real horns. She did some pretty fun stuff in french too by the way; one is a version of "My Guy" called "Bye Bye" worth checking for a bouncy smile

2: Junior Mance - Don't Cha Hear Me Calling To Ya
I've always been a massive fan Ramsey Lewis/Young Holt/Les McCann hard bop soul jazz stuff, but had never picked up any Junior Mance before until this turned up, there's a couple of well used samples in there too.

3: Oh No - Keep Tryin' Feat. Roc C & Aloe Blacc
Was listening to the Stones Throw Podcast (well worth picking up) by Oh No where he twiddles up some old Galt MacDermot stuff, I like this one, it's the rolling bass makes me feel a bit fuzzy, like being wrapped in cotton wool at a big band stand in a park while big men shout in your ears.

4: Back 4 You - Jurassic 5
I know, i know... it's been swinging around for a while, and yes they've become the Hip Hop equivalent of Stadium Rock, but DAMN put yaw hands in the air!

5: Worla Hurt - Bugz In The Attic
I remember seeing Bugz in the Attic at Plastic People and hearing their remixes played out over the silly good system they have in there. Made my stomach rumble, but never made my ears ring. This one's a bit calmer, but the hefty production, the strings, BLAM.

6: Love Version - Derrick Harriot
This song reminds me of driving through tunnels, repetitive lights, muffled noises... then the darkness opens up and you're away... free.

7: Jesus Walks - Kanye West
I watched Dave Chappelle's Block Party the other night, I'd wondered how Kanye got the idea to dress up as a martching band leader with Jamie Foxx... Now I know. Worth seeing for the Mos Def/Chappelle joke session. Isn't this in Jarhead too? Good for busy streets.

I try again

Via Yousendit again

The best song in the world?

Poor old Tapeclub - he has been a little neglected of late - is it the summer? lack of tunes that we all love and need to share? Well at times like this I think its only right to pull out the big guns and give Tapeclub perhaps the best song in the world ever. Now I know thats a bold claim and anyone who knows me or has been checking Stupid Hat recently will know that practically every other day I find 'the best song in the world' but there really is something about Calexico and especially Quattro. More than any other song that I've listened too it really gets me and quite often when I'm listening to them I think 'is this really the most perfect music in the world?'. This song and also Calexico have so many influences and sounds that I think they definetly come close to being perfect - I've played this tune when I've been down and I've DJ'd it when I've been on top of the world - wherever you are or however you're feeling it just seems to make everything better. So here you are Tapeclub - I hope you'll forgive me for being so slack.

Calexico - Quattro

Friday, August 04, 2006

Just Sittin' Here Ya Know.. Chillin...

Seems like with Blog On the Motor Way and the burgeoning empire that is Upsidedown Stupid Hat everyone has forgot about 'lil old OG TapeClub. Well - its a slow Friday and i haven't!
I heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's from Lady and Bird who are Bardi Johannsson from Iceland and Keren Ann who had her own little thing going on. Especially w/ her French/Israeli who's in love with New York vibe. I don't know much musically about Johannsson but his bio says he was the producer of Iceland's first erotic television program. Lovely! This album was released in America about 2 months ago on Keren's own label Yellow Tangerine. It includes a cover of Suicide is Painless (aka the theme from MASH) but I think this track is the true gem. I've seen the album described as a childrens story for grown ups and that's what this track sounds like. It's cute, precious and a little sad.

Lady & Bird-La Ballade of Lady and Bird