Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Will You Still Love Me Tommorow

"I would say my sound is a romantic sound...it's water...it's ocean...it's tranquility." So says Jon Lucien of his own music. He's the fucking man, one of my favorite tunes ever ever ever is Listen Love by Jon Lucien. Dayums. I can't believe these two are covering this tune but its fucking butter, fucking golden. The Ray Charles tune is nice but I think I prefer the Nina Simone version where she sings bad french. I found this Scruff mix while looking for the Top Billin Mix but it wasn't on their site just on some index so maybe we got a scoop. Oh and Ratatat have a new album out and this is my fave remix of theirs from that mixtape they did around the time the last album came out. Hope y'all like it and oh, don't forget to keep checking that blog with the name ya love to hate Upside Down Stupid Hat

Jon Lucien & Nnenna Freelon - Will You Still Love Me Tommorow
Ray Charles - Ne me quitte pas (If You Go Away)
Mr Scruff - Scruff Nine2five Mix
Jay Z - Sunshine (Ratatat Remix)

Catchums here!!!!


Blogger dropaheartbreak said...

You, my friend, are quite awesome.

5:31 PM  
Blogger nix said...

beautiful! the ray charles is lovely.

12:53 PM  
Blogger F-14 said...

Ahh MAN John Lucien!!

Who will buy is another great one... as are search for the inner self and would you believe in me for more upbeat ones!! the scruff mix is bad, cheered me up on the way to a funeral, so it must be!

3:44 AM  

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