Thursday, June 15, 2006

grumble grumble grumble

So I'd planned to post a bunch of classic summer tunes but in the time it took me to gather a bunch together I realized that I had a fresh crop for summer 06. Lots of the songs speak for themselves suffice to say the Justice tune should be the first tune you listen to each day. Ratatat have a new album out which I'm super excited about yayayayayayay. The Money Fight appear to be one of the dudes from Her Space and his mate. You know I love a good ridiculous genre name - well make way for Joanna Newsom Reggaeton. The Assman track is one of those that speaks for itself. This Guillemots tune is officially THE tune of the summer all though it might make you cry if you wander around on a summers eve listening to it .

Justice - Let There Be Light
Shout Out Louds - The Comeback (Big Slippa Mix By Ratatat)
Psapp - Tricycle
Dr Octagon - Ants (the money fight fire ants remix)
Daft Punk - Human After All [Sebastian Remix]
P.Neezy, Joanna Newsom and Tego Caldrone - Bridges and Balloons
Roots Manuva - Chin High (Manauvadelic version)
Tom Assman - Rock With Me (Doshhammer Mix2)
Cibelle feat. Devendra Banhart - London, London
Architecture In Helsinki - Maybe You Can Owe Me
Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Hot Chip Remix)
The Guillemots - Sea

grumble summer grumble


Blogger TwitchyAcorn said...

la la la la la la..ANTS... la la la ... reminds me of Paris

3:19 PM  
Blogger TwitchyAcorn said...

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3:19 PM  
Blogger nix said...

i agree on the Justice cut. Nice picks!!

5:01 PM  
Blogger F-14 said...


soo, so good. Fyfe Dangerfield feels it.

Loving the Justice too, rocked my ride

3:42 AM  

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