Sunday, May 07, 2006

This is the killer yo!

Eh Yo

So I've been hanging out in the states a bunch recently and one thing that has been on my mind is the fact that you can't drink in public - well in true UK style I found a way round it in the name of 'Subway Cup Filled with Beer on the Beach' all hail the neu messiah.

So anyway I've had a million posts in my head recently and I've decided the only way to get round it is to post all the tunes in three big ZIP files. Its like tapeclub Xmas or Lucky Dip.

Tapey 1 - Some of my most favorite new artists, Ayentee, Beirut, some old choir covering the Kaiser Chiefs and the new Dabrye tune with MF Doom. NIIIIICE! Also on of my fave non english speaking song Akira's Coal Mining Song - Japanese Big Band anyone? tapey 1

Tapey 2 - again another new fave of mine the Klaxons but this tapey is much more classic, London Funk Allstars, Kid Loco (that sexy tune) Patti Smith, that Lou Reed tune from The Squid and the Whale, another Doom appearence and some old foreign business. tapey 2

Tapey 3 - this tapey is a little bit more 'Urban' than the others, Pimp C and the Purple Ribbon Allstars, you know its summer when we roll out the Red Rat, another secret Doom appearence and some more foreign language music. Oh and also one of my favorite Tim Buckey tunes. tapey 3

I hope you guys enjoy these tunes and I hope they don't get lost as some big ass folder on your ipod - please enjoy and walk around the city you live in listening to them or at the very least stumble home on the tube drunk and let them carry you home.


Blogger kitty-got-hit-by-a-car said...

damn that London Funk Allstars takes me back, I used to love 6 million dollar man... "steve, you seem to have a talent for finding trouble" and Listen to the Beat

oh yeah and the zapp and roger tune gets played whenever technology actually works, I imagine kip from Napoleon Dynamite licking a screen

!runs away!

8:13 AM  
Blogger boy detective said...

Thanks man. So I haven't posted for a while but I will when I get inspired...
Let me know good dates to come a'hang a'Lala

12:58 PM  
Blogger JOL-tape said...

The Cheshire Chord Company tune is amazing.

10:37 PM  
Blogger JOL-tape said...


Goooo Africanism. Reminds me of the good ol days.

10:57 PM  

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