Friday, May 12, 2006

'Stay hungry, stay foolish'

cats find these images on their nightly prowls, this one is from the back page of the last Whole Earth Catalogue, perhaps the last remnants of 60's hippy ideology ; ) who knows, it has nothing to do with the music i'm posting though just liked it...

I love tapeclub, it gives me a warm feeling inside, like when catching the odd escaped budgie and dragging it home only half alive; keeps me on my paws, always thinking about what to post next. Catnip to the music soul.

Voyages - Michel Polnareff
It all seems so calm out here, floating on a raft at sea... but wait what's this? a funky brass band on dolphin back, that's what

Techno Theme - Life Aquatic OST (Sven Libaek?)
To wear your wetsuit to

Jane B. - Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
So french, so sixties, so vulnerable. (listen for the mouse, cats hear well)

You're Gonna Need Me - Dionne Warwick
Shamelessly taken from grumblemouse's donuts mix tape find, so good it needed to be alone for a while

All For Love - Bilal
bilal's name makes me think of stomach acid, thankfully this is a little less harsh.

Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (12'' Remix) - GQ
Ahh come on, it's a friday... only fair right?

Cristo Redentor - Donald Byrd
And you thought i wasn't going to sneak any jazz in, sly like that : )

New York Shit (Feat. Swizz Beatz) - Busta Rhymes
Nothing like replacing every s with a z, it doesn't work if you try 'zhe zellz zea zhellz on da zea zhore' I reckon this would make a wicked theme tune for a modern NYC blaxploitation movie.

Don't Say You Don't - Maritime
Love this album by maritime, not sure what everyone else thinks...


have a great weekend all


Blogger grumblemouse said...

niiiiice dude

right - I'm gonna battle you with my next post - tapeclub post battle is ON

12:34 PM  

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