Monday, May 29, 2006

I salute you Mr. Petty

So one Dr Thunderpants who resides here got quite excited about the line up of Austin City Limits festival when it was announced last week. I wasn't as quite as enthusiatic mainly bcause of such musical horrors as String Cheese Incident and Guster. (it hurt to even type the names) But then i notcied for every hippie jam band there was 2 good bands. The Stills! Shins! Massive Attack! Phoenix! Now i'm not going to travel for it but if I found myself in Austin in September I'm sure I'd have a damn good time. But, this was not enough to sway our friend Nix. No, no she said it was to hippy and the final nail in the coffin for her was the headliner Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I was aghast and asked if she'd listened to Refugee lately. Instead she claimed it was not her steez (her slang.. even though I think the great T Petty is beyond slang and styles for that matter) So I'm sorry there will be no zip files of lo-fi 7" geek rock, no nu-grime from the bowels of Hackney. Just my 2 favorite songs by the great Tom Petty. He's an ugly, weird, low key version of Bruce Springsteen who has been doing this since 1976. How can you not love it Nix???

Tom Petty-Refugee

Tom Petty-American Girl
*Now go listen to Last Night by The Strokes and you will know they to love the great Petty.


Blogger Perfik said...

i was just talking about how good Tom Petty is....i hope he tours soon, want to check him off the list of people I want to see before I die

11:17 PM  

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