Saturday, May 13, 2006

First National City Bank

Big ups to F-14 - that post was super dope - I kinda want my post to be a respnes to yours - I hope it works like that.

Cuizinier - Intro etc - I'm so in love with Young Cuize at the moment its unreal aka your girlfriend's bopyfriend!

Serge Gainsbourg - New York USA - this tune is soo good - check how he just walks down the street and makes a tune out of the things he sees.

Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie and Clyde - ummmm this tune is just too good

Vanessa Paradis - Joe le Taxi - I'd forgotten about this tune until the Lilly mixtape - cheers Lilly.

Emilana Torrini - Unemployed in Summertime - before there was Lilly there was Emiliana - the orig summer tune

Guillemots - Made Up Love Song 43 - I saw them last night love them so much - check the JAZZ bassline.

Busta Vs Architecture in Helsinki - Touch it Whirlwind - did someone say MASH UP? No actually this is really good and sounds like a proper remix

Gladys Knight - The Way We Were-Try To Remember - The WU nicked this for Can it All Be So Simple - beautiful.

Download these tunes - HERE!!!!!!!


Blogger kitty-got-hit-by-a-car said...


Cuizinier - love the accent!... took me back to MC Solar... specially with the bonnie and clyde!

I'm loving Serge, as always... saw Sebastien Tellier on Friday, think he's up that way... talented man, chain smoker, smokes through his nose while singing!

got the pips tune, it's amazing, think my next post might be related to that... sampled lady soul.

Guillemots - will be looking them up for sure


yeah y'all

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