Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Chicken Fat EP

Alright kids. I'm back in just 2 short days. Boom! Bam! Whap! Shazam! Borderline annoying. But fuck it. Grumblemouse got me one of these yellow jumpsuits and god damnit - I'm in. So with that - I give you The Chicken Fat EP. It's a 2006 banger. No rhyme or reason to these tracks and I know at least one of them is a repeat - but I'm posting it b/c I can - and well - because I want to. And maybe some people missed it the first time? (see: me with the original dilla tracks....damnit.)

It's almost hump day. Everybody get your hump on. Does anyone elses week go like this?

Friday- Saturday - Humpday - Thursday - Monday - Saturday - Fabulous?

Its fucked up. Like this mix. Chicken Fat for all!

1. Say Anything - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too! - I mean. Awesome? Completely?? Pretty much. Funny, catchy and fucking rad. Wrapped up in a breakfast burrito for you this morning on your way to work. Nice way to start your day.
2. Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - Sublime. Pretty production. Great cover. Love it.
3. Cale Parks - This is a demo. Something that I really have liked now for over a year but never posted. Cale plays in a band called Aloha. They're good.
4. Judah Johnson/Dr. Thunder - Dr Thunder does production!! Yeah yeah. Judah and the Dr. teamed up on this one - the Dr on the beats and Judah on the melody and vox. Oh boy oh boy!
5. Some Water and Sun - Snowbreaker (Dabrye Mix) - Fig newtons are yummy....
6. VHS or BETA - Night on Fire (Phil Kieran Mix) - I like this one - you should too. If you haven't already heard this version 5,304,532 times.
7. Talkdemonic - Junesong - Relevant for a miriad of reasons. 1. Its a great tune 2. They are a great band you should go onto emusic NOW and buy both their albums and DUH! 3. It's almost June. Holy crap!
Holy Crap! 8. Bronx Cheerleader - Racing Time - How much do I love this song? A whole bunch. 9. Hotel Lights - A.M. Slow Golden Hit - Are you starting to notice a theme in the last song or two...yeah I've taken it down a notch. Enjoy it all you hands in the air kids.
10. The White Birch - Seer Believer - Another band that never got any love that i know of. This album is so pretty. Sometimes I just sit at home in my plain white T and my diary out - and I just weep. Then I put on my chucks (limited edition of course) and ride of my vespa over to my local record store and cry all over those records.
11. Letting Up Despite Great Faults - If You're Here Today - Good song. Cooler band name.
12. 13 Monk & James Murphy - Kick out the Chairs - Normally I would stay away from Mr. Murphy - after seeing him live my brain has a disturbing etched picture of him on it - but this song seems like wednesday. Kick out the chair bitches!
13. Bonde Do Role - Melo De Vitigilo - Diplo! Band signing! Yay!
14. Suf-jan - The Avalanche - A nice b-side from Illinois. I like this song. He's a tough one not to enjoy in some manner. His indie cred is similar to the wealth of Donald Trump. That bothers me.
15. Ray Lamontagne - Crazy - I heard this has already been posted - but you know. I still like it. Maybe you might too?

Oh and so after the little server skirmish - we are back up with the rainy day mix for those parties that have not downloaded it - it will be up for the remainder of this week. After that, you get no seconds on your mashed potatoes - or green beans.

<3 you.

!!!Dr. Thunder!!!

Chicken Fat EP


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grabbing this at 3am sat night was the best decision ever made. nice picks

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