Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well it all started when I heard this tune on Akira the Don's AMAZING mixtape here. Super pitched up female vocals like those good ol days of rave an jungle an ting. So I started sniffing about and then heard that Wiley tune that I posted a while ago and now I'm stuck. We've been listening to this KISS FM DJ called Logan Sama who you can check here and its proper good right.

So anyway I love a bit of grime or grindie or whatever shiz you wanna call it. 1st tune is just funny, proper like me an jol used to listen to on Itch FM in norf Ldn. 2nd tune is just bad, the one that got me with the pitched up vocals. The Bearman track is on the mixtape and its way funny, all about some animals hanging out in the woods. Sway is cool and I saw him in Austin playing in a shack; I love Baby Blue since someone gave me her demo a few years back and its good to see that she's doing well for herself (for thems that don't know SAS are like Dipset's UK breds). This Dizzee freestyle thing is amazing, he destroys the Grit Boys to the point where its embarrassing - heads up Boy Detective this one's for you. And last but by no means least, a not grime tune. I went on a sailing holiday when I was about 14 and I took a bunch of tapes with me to play in my walkman. The best tape I had was this 60min yellow tape that had One in the Jungle on side A. One in the Jungle was a show on Radio 1 that was like a Top 10 of Jungle and that week before I went away this tune was Number 1 - I fucking loved that holiday and the fact that I listened to this tune over and over probably had something to do with it. It might have been a different remix or perhaps the years have jigged my memory but this version is still BADNESS. Enjoy.

Bashy - Girl in the Endz
Bashy - Never Let Me Fall
Doctor, Bearman, L Man & Purple - Let it Go
Sway ft Baby Blue - Little Derek
Baby Blue ft Sway, S.A.S., Bigz, Sincere & Pyrelli - I Still don't care
Dizzee Rascal Vs The Grit Boys - Live from Damage Control
Remarc - R.I.P (DJ Hype Remix)


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