Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Little Su-m su-m.


Havn't been able to find enough tunes for my masterplan yet so here is a mix by Matt Pyke of UniversalEverything with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure.

It's pretty big so allow dat.

For Everyone, For Ever

Also a few little JOL Vs Tapeclub gifts to keep your mobile/cell sounding different. (Or the same as other Tapeclubbers but y'know...)

Danse Le Tone




Thursday, April 20, 2006


I always like something with a beat
Here are 2 remixes worth checking out...
Everybody is talking about HOT CHIP...
Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)
Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)

and a bonus....
DJ Shadow/David Banner - Seeing Thangs (ft. Nump and Gold)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here comes a new challenger!

Hey kids - I made a mix for you all - check it out and let me know what you think. No tracklisting today so its kinda like a secret present cos I wuv you.

I wuv you

Roll out the barrel

2 very special treats for u tapeclubbers.

My mate Em aka "The Snatchelor" brought to work an ancient "magnetic tape" of her nan singin' songs from the 1940's. We digifried it and made it new again. So I thought i'd share it on tapeclub.

Em's nan sings

Lucky person, lucky person, lucky person

I've also discovered a new hobby that is super geeky. You basically pick some song lyrics and paste them into babel fish translator - then translate them into foreign, then into english again.

So here's my favourite so far...

I if B so as to fortunate
lucky person, lucky person, lucky person
I fortunate B therefore in the love
I B so as to fortunate
lucky person, lucky person, lucky person
I if the fortunate B therefore in the love

I prefer it to the Kylie version.

Monday, April 17, 2006

bender recoveries - spark it up

Here's a dope dub remix for your Monday. This song blew my fucking face off. Make sure you turn the bass way up.

Mode Selector Fake Emotion feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Dabrye Remix

Aint nuthin wrong with a little bump and grind

So it feels like eons since my last post, back then I was into 'urban' music and into hanging out on the street with my crew and setting fire to bins and stuff, happy slapping grannies. Anyway I've matured a lot since then, I only drink red wine nowadays and probably only 1 glass down the gastro pub with my chums. I went for a walk with The Boy Detective yesterday and we took some photos which you can check here. It was probably about 10 miles all in and for those of you who don't live in the UK this is what happens on a bank holiday weekend. Anyway like I said I've grown up and and with it my musical tastes have matured and so now I only listen to heart wrenching soul music or people with guitars - its because I sensitive see.

I've never heard this Nina track before but it is now my super favorite track of hers. Bettye Swann is also new to me but I was listening to this song as I sat on the floor of the train going home to see my folks (the train was like some cattle truck and there were no seats) and I almost cried its so beautiful. The Crazy cover is just amazing.

Nina Simone - Baltimore
Bettye Swann - (My Heart is) Closed for the Season
Ray LaMontagne - Crazy

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Post Holiday Recovery

F-14's back from dodging Maoists, sneaking through Army checkpoints, escaping burning fires, rampaging elephants, wilfully chucking himself off mountains attached to a big kite-fabric duvet, and other over elaborated events.

Still being back and unemployed is no fun.

So here's some music that's helping to quell the desire to buy a plane ticket on a credit card. Perhaps I'll try and sneak some more Jazz in there too....

The Avalanche - Sufjan Stevens
Ahhhhhhh.... I was going to put the Kanye West vs Sufjan tune up, but past the first 30secs it gets wonky. I like Sufjan (someone said it was Soof-yan?) He makes me want to stare out of a train window

The Hope Edition - My Latest Novel
Found kindly by Monsieur Rogers, he went to a gig in Birmingham and all 6 with him bought the album. Sweet like an obviously hidden beautiful geek in an American Teen movie.

Boys From School - Hot Chip
Was really looking forward to the new album, and admit I was disappointed, still I like this one. And another one.

Moving Like a Train - Herbert
Since i mentioned trains, I thought I'd put this one in. It can't seem to make up it's mind... but then can Matthew Herbert ever. Is it Disco, funk, big band, electro...nope I can't decide either. Try sticking a genre on this cap and eating it.

Said I'd sneak some jazz in there, why do loads of Japanese tunes seem to turn up in capitals? Anyway it made me laugh cos it suits the music. Loud energetic without much space. Nuts

Journey in Satchidananda - Alice Coltrane
I was going to put some ethnic sounding music from Nepal on last, but decided on something totally irrelevant. Anyone trying to free their mind of thoughts in the buddist way might want to steer clear. I'm the one with long hair and garbs wincing through opium smoke by a candle lamp in the corner. Yeah that one...

Download a zip here

Monday, April 10, 2006

Top that!

This is probably the best rap battle ever captured on film...

Top That

Kleptones, OMG I love the Kleptones. Delicate boots kinda Dangermouse style. You can download all the mp3's as a fat zip file with all the individual tracks or one of those bit torrent thingys.


Jah Rustafarai

Don't raise your voice to me

Grumblemouse, nice one on the jungle front
I just got back from Bristol where there was a slew of violence to a jungle soundtrack-nothing like a bit of context!
Anyway if ound this girl on myspace (natch) a year or so ago and now she's releasing this tune on I Can Count records, a new label based in Sheffield, UK
She's a young music stude with a healthy interest in grime and electronics but with a soulful bent-check it aaaaaaat (as far as I'm aware she's solely on production rather than vocals)

Mica feat. Taz "Go Now"

Sunday, April 09, 2006

bender a la carte

i blame the following for spending a week passed out under my desk:

White Rose Movement "Girls in the Back"

This song is particularly bouncy - great for going hands in the air at 5am.


Friday, April 07, 2006

the gayest thing i've ever heard

i had two rather unfortunate meetings with some thieving east end cunts this week and some crack hoe has my ipod with all manner of amazing songs to please my tiny ears.. they also have my money and coat and scarf.. i have been pretty pissed and remembered tape club...

I discovered this song this morning and though it doesn't seemed to fit in with what you might think tape club is about, it totally made me cry laughing and i have taken it upon myself to sing it all day long....

when the chips are down, turn to a sponge x

(its a cut and paste job - back to basics x )

Thursday, April 06, 2006

cheer you right up

Midnight Mullighan has treats such as these for you tapeclubbers
Louis Prima - When You're Smiling

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the unexpected

Basically not what you would expect from some of budding artists...

The Streets - Pranging Out
NEW I like the smooth organ in there...
Jose Gonzalez/Zero 7 - Futures
Appearing live together at the Hollywood Bowl end of August...
The Radio Dept. - The Worst Taste In Music
A hidden gem from Sweden, this new track is very Pet Shop Boys....


Well it all started when I heard this tune on Akira the Don's AMAZING mixtape here. Super pitched up female vocals like those good ol days of rave an jungle an ting. So I started sniffing about and then heard that Wiley tune that I posted a while ago and now I'm stuck. We've been listening to this KISS FM DJ called Logan Sama who you can check here and its proper good right.

So anyway I love a bit of grime or grindie or whatever shiz you wanna call it. 1st tune is just funny, proper like me an jol used to listen to on Itch FM in norf Ldn. 2nd tune is just bad, the one that got me with the pitched up vocals. The Bearman track is on the mixtape and its way funny, all about some animals hanging out in the woods. Sway is cool and I saw him in Austin playing in a shack; I love Baby Blue since someone gave me her demo a few years back and its good to see that she's doing well for herself (for thems that don't know SAS are like Dipset's UK breds). This Dizzee freestyle thing is amazing, he destroys the Grit Boys to the point where its embarrassing - heads up Boy Detective this one's for you. And last but by no means least, a not grime tune. I went on a sailing holiday when I was about 14 and I took a bunch of tapes with me to play in my walkman. The best tape I had was this 60min yellow tape that had One in the Jungle on side A. One in the Jungle was a show on Radio 1 that was like a Top 10 of Jungle and that week before I went away this tune was Number 1 - I fucking loved that holiday and the fact that I listened to this tune over and over probably had something to do with it. It might have been a different remix or perhaps the years have jigged my memory but this version is still BADNESS. Enjoy.

Bashy - Girl in the Endz
Bashy - Never Let Me Fall
Doctor, Bearman, L Man & Purple - Let it Go
Sway ft Baby Blue - Little Derek
Baby Blue ft Sway, S.A.S., Bigz, Sincere & Pyrelli - I Still don't care
Dizzee Rascal Vs The Grit Boys - Live from Damage Control
Remarc - R.I.P (DJ Hype Remix)