Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scratching through the foil of existence on the cream egg of life

So, it's miserable outside, cats hate rain.

even sitting under the beech tree on my grassy floating island in the clouds doesn't hide the rain.

peering over the edge just gives me that Google earth feeling now. the novelty wore off last week along with fishing for greedy city boys with £50 pound notes on a hook.

I didn't have a theme for this, so thought I'd simply post up a kind of musical kinder egg for you all. I know it's early but I spied a Cadbury's creme egg in a far off newsagent this morning, and it made me realise I was still hungry.

anyway, no clues as to what lies inside the zip wrapped techno egg except the Dilla tune. RIP (tribute)

get your surprise here here and let me know your faves.

PS. Next time I'll try and make more sense. or perhaps this should be a theme.



Blogger grumblemouse said...

eh yo

nice one fast aeroplane f-15 - good on the stuffit sending secret package - fast and nice

3:22 PM  

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