Saturday, March 18, 2006

'Please God, just let me recoup the advance' black music...

Ha! That's what the LA Weekly dubbed the genre of bands and players more oftenly known as neo soul or back back rap. The stars of said genre are the musical bed of the new movie Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Lately Chapelle is more popular for defending his mental stability rather then his comedy. But this was filmed (by kooky, whimsical Michel Gondry) before his African adventure. Basically he wanted to have a big party in Brooklyn with his favorite bands. Gondry filmed him hanging around his hometown of Dayton, Ohio inviting everyone from the paroloe officer, the lady at the corner store and the college marching band. The pay off big concert is amazing w/ Common, Kanye, Talib, Jill Scott, the Fugees etc etc... But watching Dave Chapelle be a charming naturally funny as hell person takes it from being a concert film to the level of 'unlikely feel good documentary' a genre i've come to love over the last few years. (penguins! spelling bees!) To the UK kids here... i'm sure its' not out there yet. So here's the trailer at least.
So in a convoluted way that brings me to the song... On paper My Morning Jacket covering Erykah Badu's soul sister anthemn 'Tyrone' seems about as likely to work as sticking Dave Chapelle, Michel Gondry and a camera together in Ohio. Which means in reality it's soooo good..

My Morning Jacket-Tyrone


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