Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hip shakin' green tea eXtasy/If you wanna tea bag you shake it wit me

All the ventricles of my heart are open, caffeine infused body juice pumping through in a spasms and spurts. This always inspires me to do primarily one thing: listen to world music. Preferably of the bollywood,asian,bellydancing breakbeat, booty shakin', raft down the river variety. Right now,I want to do some downward facing dog in yerbe mate aftermath,while listening to Dengue Fever. Thankfully,I am going to see them tonight so while yoga in a bar is usually out of the question( although I might be one of the few to try) and my yerbe mate will be replaced with something more liver petrifying,at least I'll have my Dengue. what what!

Dengue Fever- Tip My Canoe

Dengue Fever-Sleepwalking Through The Mekong


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