Monday, March 13, 2006

Gay for MySpace

As many of you know I was an extremely reluctant adherent of Myspace. I thought it was adolescent dating club. Then I kind of got into looking for the music.. oh, ok then I looked up various and sundry from my past... then i got back into the music.
My enthusiasm for it had leveled off when I got this response to a comment I left on the page of Andreas Saag, a 25 yr old from Gothenberg Sweden who records and remixes under the name Swell Session. I'd told him that one of his tracks from a few years ago was one of my ultra mega favorites.
"Well thanks Amy! about 1000 people buy a record, and maybe 100 of them think it's great and maybe 5 people think it's one of the best records of the year... it really means a lot to get in contact with one of you! Myspace is fantastic :-"

Awww.. and he's right really.

So here's the song - Most of his stuff is a lot more swingjazzclub then this... but this just screams of first day of summer to me. I love it.

Fat Jon-Everywhere (Swell Session Mix)


Blogger kitty-got-hit-by-a-car said...

the more i listen to this the better it seems to get!

2:32 PM  

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