Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The day I met a singing computer

SXSW? Whatever, I wasn't there, oooohhhh noooooo, I was cold chillin' in the cold city of Londonceistershire up the top of the Hayward gallery in a room largely constructed by glass.
See I was there to see Minotour Shock
Muesli and his very own blend of nice melodic electronica somebody once told me it existed
when I happened to bump into mr_hopkinson's computer Where is my mind? He is the reason I hve spent money on music for a very long time..... Nobody loves me
Well, it was nly a fiver....


Blogger grumblemouse said...

Yo - I've got that CD, I picked it up at the ICA when they supported Minotaur Shock

I used to love playing it in the office as it made everyone mad


1:44 PM  

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