Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Austin, the capital of Texas

So here is my SXSW recap. Like Gypsy, I did complement Grumblemouse's hoody...I'll expect one for Christmas Charlie.

My days were spent working my bands so I hit about 10% of the shows I wanted to, and my nights were spent hanging out with my friends from overseas in bars, but here is what I got.

Be Your Own PET: A group of kids (oldest member is 18) that just got signed to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace. Lots of hype for a while, and I never really dug the tracks, live they are lightening in a bottle. Easily the most energy I have seen since they started giving kids ADD meds. On record it's equally catchy and annoying...
Fire Department.mp3

Black Angels: I have seen these guys a few times and everytime it gets better. "Native American Drone Rock" is what they classify themselves as. Also really young. At the Little Radio party their dreams came true as Anton Newcombe hopped on stage with them and jammed for 15 minutes. I should have rocked the peace pipe.
Black Grease.mp3

Islands: Just plain weird and really nutty looking (ex-Unicorns). Singer has a Monkee's haircut and they have guys playing banjo and recorder on-stage. This song is good though.
Swans (Life After Death).mp3

The Young Knives: Maybe you UK chaps have heard enough, but I saw these guys on NYE and missed most of the show. So I saw them again at a day party and it was very catchy and on the Gang Of Four/Jam tip.
Tremblings Of Trails.mp3
Here Comes The Rumour Mill.mp3 (UK single)


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