Monday, March 20, 2006

Ass Shaking Competetion Champ

SXSW was spent-

1)in utter starvation
2)perpetually tipsy
3)lusting after people's clothing( esp. GrumbleMouse's hoodie,yo)
4)dancing with cute asian boys at cosmo baker/roy ayres
5)talking to my ex-boyfriend after ages and ages of devoutly avoiding each other.
6)swooning over Reuben Wu.
7)swooning over Spank Rock's dance moves.
8)getting pickpocketed while moshing at the Polysics show.
9)taking pictures with meghan in the swinging bubble chairs with the boys from Oklahoma.
10)getting asked if I wanted to join a threesome.declining.
11)dancing onstage with TTC in front of 300-400 people and then being offered a permanent job onstage dancing with them.
12)watching Spank Rock almost fall off of a giant speaker.
13)getting drunkenly lost when my phone ran out of battery-and really enjoying it.
14)joining a breakdancing competition when I couldn't find my friends.
15)sitting on the same plane back home as Aziz Ansari.
17)messaging new friends and awesome bands on myspace.

TTC-Dans Le Club


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