Thursday, March 30, 2006

Soft Songs, Hard Men

I purchased the Band of Horses new full-length...
There's a song on the album called 'The Funeral' which is just amazing...I can't stop hitting the repeat button...

So, along those are a few other songs, that share a common theme, which have fallen into that same category over the years...

SOFT songs by HARD men...

Band of Horses - The Funeral
Built To Spill - Carry The Zero
Radar Bros. - Papillon
Aereogramme - Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement
Crooked Fingers - You Must Build A Fire
Pinback - Loro
Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Wolf Among Wolves
Come - Recidivist
Cass McCombs - My Master

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sexy winning team

Back when Grumblemouse went to the gym all the time he had a favorite mix tape to get him really PUMPED. This is that mix. Its basically a bunch of hip hop acapellas over a bunch of tunes from Gooom Records - M83 and such. I love it.

Dopplebanger - Dark Side of the Gooom

Monday, March 27, 2006

Gypsy's workout plan

I'm fit and dont ya know it!

Started doing burlesque with Bella Berretta (you guys are gonna come to my graduation performance ,RIGHT!?) and although burlesque is known for curvy woman and while it's better to have a little more bounce to the ounce in my personal opinion,I'ma gonna start shaking my money maker a little more in preperation and persperation. Ain't nothing a healthy body can't take on.

For those who want to drip sweat along with me, here is Gypsy's workout soundtrack. Dance to this once a day with some morning yoga,lots of fiber and calcium and watch the lusty looks start rooooolllllling in.

Queen-Channel 3 and 4
Tira e Bota- Vanesshina
Backyard Betty-Spank Rock
The New Workout Plan- Kanye West
Too Much Drugs In The System (Ghislian Poirier remix)- Lady Fury
Gold Lion (Diplo’s Optimo Remix)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cha Ching (XXXchange Remix)- Lady Sovereign
I’m With the Girls (DJ ABCDEFG Remix)- Sizzla
Married to a Frenchman-Polysics
Everybody In The Discotheque (I Hate) ( We love Motor Mark Mix)- Stereo Total
Oh My Gosh- Basement Jaxx
Do Ya-M.I.A
Dans Le Club- TTC
Suite Life-Kudu
Highly Invisible & Out of Control-Tiger Tunes
I Want You to Stay (Filthy Dukes Remix)- Maximo Park
Clap! Shake! Jump!- Behavior with Andrea Revel
What If’s and Maybes- Bromheads Jackets
I’ll Be Around(featuring Timbaland)- Cee-lo Green
Can't Quit You Now-Natalie Gardiner

no theme for this

Okay so I'm back off the the UK *sniff* - here's a cople of tunes that I picked up in LA. This Bug tune is just sooooooo good, super fucking nasty but wicked. The Visioneers tune is much nicer, the original is one of my fave Isaac Hayes tunes, sampled by nuff people. Enjoy

The Bug Vs The Rootsman Feat. He-Man - Killer
Marc Mac presents Visioneers - Ike's Mood

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Topic - My Favorite Podcast

Okay - sorry to post two big good posts in one day but yousendit was fucked earlier. Anyway I wanna start a tapeclubtopic 'My Favorite Podcast'. Basically my last post came about after searching for some tunes off my friends podcast, I was looking for the Uffie tune and the Wiley track and I came across the Grindie mix which I fucking love. I've been chatting about pocasts with Twitchy Acorn a bunch recently and my favorite podcast is the RadioClit podcast.

Check out their site here - RadioClit

Anyway if it wasn't for RadioClit I would have never heard of Uffie or the Wiley track. I found the other Dizzee / Wiley thing a while ago and Dizzee kills it. Plus Device is just wicked on Hefty Records. The Dresden Dolls rule balls. I missed Battle at SXSW but have seen them 2wice this week and LOVE them. Larrikin Love are cool and check out the wicked skit on the Grindie Mixtape that mentions them. The Most Serene Republic are one of my favorite bands from SXSW. The Pete Doherty tunes are cool,people diss him but I think he writes great tunes and its cool that he gives Statik a shout out on the Grindie Mixtape.

Anyway, check out the tunes and subscribe to RadioClit's podcast. Radio Clit Clit Clit.

Wiley - Gangsters
Uffie - Ready to Uff
Plus Device - Body Heat
Uffie - Pop the Glock
Dizzee Rascal and Wiley freestyles on Westwood
The Dresden Dolls - My Doorbell (White Stripes)
Battle - Isabelle
Larrikin Love - Little Boy Lost
The Most Serene Republic - You're Not an Astronaut
Pete Doherty - Lady Don't Fall Backwards / Bollywood to Battersea (acoustic)
Pete Doherty - Curtain Call (acoustic)


Yes indeed - it really exists, Grindie! I've always been a huge fan of wack genre names, folktronica, funkpunkcountrydisco but Grindie is way up there comprising of Grime and Indie. I guess it was coming what with the that Test Icicles remix a while back - anyway now Statik has a whole mixtape called Grindie Volume 1.

Grindie Volume 1 Tracklisting
Statik - Grindie Volume 1

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Austin, the capital of Texas

So here is my SXSW recap. Like Gypsy, I did complement Grumblemouse's hoody...I'll expect one for Christmas Charlie.

My days were spent working my bands so I hit about 10% of the shows I wanted to, and my nights were spent hanging out with my friends from overseas in bars, but here is what I got.

Be Your Own PET: A group of kids (oldest member is 18) that just got signed to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace. Lots of hype for a while, and I never really dug the tracks, live they are lightening in a bottle. Easily the most energy I have seen since they started giving kids ADD meds. On record it's equally catchy and annoying...
Fire Department.mp3

Black Angels: I have seen these guys a few times and everytime it gets better. "Native American Drone Rock" is what they classify themselves as. Also really young. At the Little Radio party their dreams came true as Anton Newcombe hopped on stage with them and jammed for 15 minutes. I should have rocked the peace pipe.
Black Grease.mp3

Islands: Just plain weird and really nutty looking (ex-Unicorns). Singer has a Monkee's haircut and they have guys playing banjo and recorder on-stage. This song is good though.
Swans (Life After Death).mp3

The Young Knives: Maybe you UK chaps have heard enough, but I saw these guys on NYE and missed most of the show. So I saw them again at a day party and it was very catchy and on the Gang Of Four/Jam tip.
Tremblings Of Trails.mp3
Here Comes The Rumour Mill.mp3 (UK single)

Honest Opinions...

I love this band from NYC called BLACKLIST. Everyone I know has been saying that 2006 is the year for these guys. I wanted to give you a sneak peek at their 3 song EP. Let me know what you think, I want feedback...

Dawn Of The Idols.mp3

Language of the Living Dead.mp3


So my theme is A Helping Hand I guess...

The day I met a singing computer

SXSW? Whatever, I wasn't there, oooohhhh noooooo, I was cold chillin' in the cold city of Londonceistershire up the top of the Hayward gallery in a room largely constructed by glass.
See I was there to see Minotour Shock
Muesli and his very own blend of nice melodic electronica somebody once told me it existed
when I happened to bump into mr_hopkinson's computer Where is my mind? He is the reason I hve spent money on music for a very long time..... Nobody loves me
Well, it was nly a fiver....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


the video says it all. this band is hilarious.


Every once in a while....

I feel like listening to one of those sllloooooowww jams


anyway, I promise not to lower the tone of tapeclub too much, and I'll be away for a while so that should prohibit it. But daymn this'ns guuuhd

Omar - Lay It Down Ft. Estelle


Monday, March 20, 2006

Ass Shaking Competetion Champ

SXSW was spent-

1)in utter starvation
2)perpetually tipsy
3)lusting after people's clothing( esp. GrumbleMouse's hoodie,yo)
4)dancing with cute asian boys at cosmo baker/roy ayres
5)talking to my ex-boyfriend after ages and ages of devoutly avoiding each other.
6)swooning over Reuben Wu.
7)swooning over Spank Rock's dance moves.
8)getting pickpocketed while moshing at the Polysics show.
9)taking pictures with meghan in the swinging bubble chairs with the boys from Oklahoma.
10)getting asked if I wanted to join a threesome.declining.
11)dancing onstage with TTC in front of 300-400 people and then being offered a permanent job onstage dancing with them.
12)watching Spank Rock almost fall off of a giant speaker.
13)getting drunkenly lost when my phone ran out of battery-and really enjoying it.
14)joining a breakdancing competition when I couldn't find my friends.
15)sitting on the same plane back home as Aziz Ansari.
17)messaging new friends and awesome bands on myspace.

TTC-Dans Le Club

Saturday, March 18, 2006

'Please God, just let me recoup the advance' black music...

Ha! That's what the LA Weekly dubbed the genre of bands and players more oftenly known as neo soul or back back rap. The stars of said genre are the musical bed of the new movie Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Lately Chapelle is more popular for defending his mental stability rather then his comedy. But this was filmed (by kooky, whimsical Michel Gondry) before his African adventure. Basically he wanted to have a big party in Brooklyn with his favorite bands. Gondry filmed him hanging around his hometown of Dayton, Ohio inviting everyone from the paroloe officer, the lady at the corner store and the college marching band. The pay off big concert is amazing w/ Common, Kanye, Talib, Jill Scott, the Fugees etc etc... But watching Dave Chapelle be a charming naturally funny as hell person takes it from being a concert film to the level of 'unlikely feel good documentary' a genre i've come to love over the last few years. (penguins! spelling bees!) To the UK kids here... i'm sure its' not out there yet. So here's the trailer at least.
So in a convoluted way that brings me to the song... On paper My Morning Jacket covering Erykah Badu's soul sister anthemn 'Tyrone' seems about as likely to work as sticking Dave Chapelle, Michel Gondry and a camera together in Ohio. Which means in reality it's soooo good..

My Morning Jacket-Tyrone

.......sometimes I just want to leave..........

Sometimes I want to leave and leave the madness behind me, walk to somewhere quiet and smoke a cigarette and sip on some whiskey; looking out over a pond it'll be nice and quiet and I can smoke and drink and think about stuff - this is the band I'll leave with.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jazzcats at altitude

Tomcat is drunk, but even so,
he's managed to create a mix for y'all in garageband. Yes it's jazzy but cat's love jazz.

also does anyone have any good suggestions music wise to take while he jets off to Nepal for a couple of weeks to prowl the mountains and sit on branches with a cheesy grin?

; )

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gay for MySpace

As many of you know I was an extremely reluctant adherent of Myspace. I thought it was adolescent dating club. Then I kind of got into looking for the music.. oh, ok then I looked up various and sundry from my past... then i got back into the music.
My enthusiasm for it had leveled off when I got this response to a comment I left on the page of Andreas Saag, a 25 yr old from Gothenberg Sweden who records and remixes under the name Swell Session. I'd told him that one of his tracks from a few years ago was one of my ultra mega favorites.
"Well thanks Amy! about 1000 people buy a record, and maybe 100 of them think it's great and maybe 5 people think it's one of the best records of the year... it really means a lot to get in contact with one of you! Myspace is fantastic :-"

Awww.. and he's right really.

So here's the song - Most of his stuff is a lot more swingjazzclub then this... but this just screams of first day of summer to me. I love it.

Fat Jon-Everywhere (Swell Session Mix)

Cheerier than Cheerios

Well, maybe I just needed a lift, but I LOVE this.

all the way from islington dammit.

where's the summer when you frikkin need it

licks paw.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ok,so sometimes in times of stress,I will summon the iTunes gods. I close my eyes,take a deep breath,and ask iTunes to give me a soul-stirring message through the next random song I press.

And so,I did that...and got this....

Please. Someone help me figure out what the cosmos are telling me.

Dr.Evil-More Punnany

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There is a city by the sea.............

Hey kids

well some of you may have noticed that recently you've been seeing a lot more of me than usual or actually a lot less depending on where you live. Carrying on the city theme I thought I'd put up my fave songs about my new home (yes I know I don't actually live there yet but still). I know there are some other amazing songs about LALA but these are the ones I like that are on my pod - enjoy!

Art Brut - Moving to LA
The Cribs - Gotta get to LA
The Decemberists - Los Angeles I'm Yours
Bright Eyes - June on the West Coast
Leon Ware - That's Why I came to California
Madlib - Left on Silverlake
The Ramones - California Sun
The Raveonettes - Ode to LA

Scratching through the foil of existence on the cream egg of life

So, it's miserable outside, cats hate rain.

even sitting under the beech tree on my grassy floating island in the clouds doesn't hide the rain.

peering over the edge just gives me that Google earth feeling now. the novelty wore off last week along with fishing for greedy city boys with £50 pound notes on a hook.

I didn't have a theme for this, so thought I'd simply post up a kind of musical kinder egg for you all. I know it's early but I spied a Cadbury's creme egg in a far off newsagent this morning, and it made me realise I was still hungry.

anyway, no clues as to what lies inside the zip wrapped techno egg except the Dilla tune. RIP (tribute)

get your surprise here here and let me know your faves.

PS. Next time I'll try and make more sense. or perhaps this should be a theme.


My Schizophrenic tastes collide

Finally, what I've been waiting for; Jill Scott, Common and..... Jose Gonzales.
Me likey.

Dert, The Light

Dert, 2Words

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cities are Dead

Sticking with the Cities theme, I am uploading some current tunes that I always Identify with the location of the artist.

Paris, Lens, Lyon, Le Mans, Marseille, Nice
First is from the new compilation titled "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited," which I know nothing about except Cherry Tree/Interscope Records is going to put it out in the US most likely. CMJ sums the album up perfectly, "Gainsbourg, the French scandal-and-music maker, shocked listeners in the '70s and '80s with his genre-bending and usually hypersexual, sometimes incestuous tunes, making them the perfect anthems for today's lust-laden youth." The songs are translated into English to boot. Here is Cat Power and Karen Elson (Mrs. Jack White) singing "I Love You (Me Either)" (Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus). Other contributing artists are Marc Almond, Tricky, Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithfull, and Placebo (that's right Charlie, I said Placebo). Appréciez! (enjoy)

Cat Power & Karen Elson - I Love You (Me Either).mp3

Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Alberta, Montreal, Manitoba
I really like Stephen McBean. The Jerk With A Bomb, Mr. Black Moutain, The Pink Mountaintop. Whatever he does, I usually like it. His new album under The Pink Mountaintops moniker came out today entitled "Axis Of Evol" on Jagjaguwar Records. Sadly, on first listen not amazing, it seemed kind of thrown together. Hopefully not the case. Also playing Spaceland in LA this Saturday with Oneida.

The Pink Mountaintops - Lord, Let Us Shine.mp3

Livonia, Detroit, Dearborn, Roseville, Royal Oak, Pontiac
Ah Michigan, don't worry, not a Sufjan reference. His Name Is Alive have been making music about their hometown for a long time. Recently they released a new album called "Detrola," and this track really sticks (even with the shakey vocals). Playing at the Knitting Factory in LA the week after SXSW with Arab Strap.

His Name Is Alive - I Thought I

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Grass is Always Greener...

I always find myself overly romanticizing the cities I have lived in. While I'm making the most of where I am I usually still mentally sift out all the bad bits of cities past and wish I was there. On a particulary hot and sunny day some months ago this song came on my ipod when i was in the car and instantly made me happy to be exactly where I was.. a hard feat indeed. Thanks Lidaju Sisters.. whoever you are!

Lidaju Sisters-Life's Gone Down Low

Friday, March 03, 2006

Theme: Guilty Pleasures/I made you a spoooooky mixtape

Gypsy has a dark side. Sometimes she won't admit that her favorite type of music in the whole entire world is glam rock new wave goth.This is her guilty pleasure music. You look at her and might go,"She listens to ethnic dance music or she is a total uber-gross hipster." It depends on how she is dressed and what kind of beverage she has been drinking all day. When she tells people her favorite band in the whole wide world HANDS DOWN is Oingo Boingo she blushes. Slightly. When she drank absinthe for the first time Edith Piaf was playing but she imagined Edith Piaf singing "Baby's on Fire" by Brian Eno to her. When she hears a cello it sends her head in a spin,and her heart in a flurry.The only hardcore drug she has ever craved doing is opium. For dark artistic reasons. Of course. She keeps clove cigarettes on her at all times in case she feels like brooding in the rain.Maybe it's because her name is "french-romanian" (read TRANSYLVANIAN). There is a joke with her and someone very dear to her. "What are you going to do tonight?" And she answers,"I am going to listen to Bauhaus and smoke clove cigarettes." To which he replies," Ok, Azrielle" . She isn't normally pegged as intense. Fun,wild,silly,yes. Gothic? Dark? Not usually ever. But then,everyone has their guilty pleasures. What are yours?

Here is a spooky mixtape for you,and you,and you. Drink absinthe,smoke opium,and sway along to it. ;)

Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues
Dead Can Dance-Nerika
Oingo Boingo-Nothing to Fear(but fear itself,yo!)
Brian Eno-Baby's On Fire
Antony and the Johnsons-Be My husband
The Creatures-Seven Tears
The Dresden Dolls-My Alcoholic Friends-
Siouxsie and the Banshees-Peekaboo
Love and Rockets-Life in Laraley
Natacha Atlas- Man's World
Tuuxedomoon-Dark Compagnion
Firewater-Vegas Strip
Rasputina-Momma was an Opium Smoker
Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead
Joy Division-Ice Age


Most played on Chays Pod

OK so these are my 2nd, 3rd and 4th most played tunes - my actual most played tune is the SWR tune from my last post so I'm not posting it again. The first track is just sooo good and when the little opera bit happens its like a good version of that silly Eskimo song that Damian Rice does. The Doom RZA tune is neither of their best work but its still wicked - one of those POWER tunes that you play when walking around between tubes and you feel about 10ft tall. The Rilo Kiley tune is just pretty.

Iron & Wine / Calexico - He lays in the reins
RZA & MF Doom - Biochemical Equation
Rilo Kiley - Does he love you

Most Played, 3

Not entirely sure if my iTunes is telling the absolute truth here but who am I to doubt it? Here's my top three (allegedly)
Oddly no DC4C or Certainly Sir...

Jim O'Rourke, Fuzzy Sun

Sonata 21 in C, Beethoven

Keep it up, Fanny Pack

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Most Played on my end...

I do not play tracks too much on my itunes at home, but here is what is on the Top 25. Definitely some of my favorite tracks of all time. All very mellow. Eno to Shadow to Franco Blacko

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent).mp3

DJ Shadow - Blood On The Motorway.mp3

The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?.mp3

Most Played

Theme? After we've all run home from our "indie-tastic" (enter 'other music' into Google Video if you didn't get that one) gigs what do we really listen to? What's number 1 in your Top 25 most played? Myself and legions and aging gay men agree... it's the one and only CHAKA!!
As a side note I've heard first hand testimony that she lives in Los Angeles and shops at Whole Foods.. she's "just like us"!)

Chaka Khan-Ain't Nobody

*insert witty post title here*

Hey kids - I've made a little mix for you - there's not really a theme here although I'm going to try and make one up. OK so the theme - maybe following on from Gypsy's post is friendship.

This Daniel Cirera tune has to be one of the best ex girlfriend diss tracks I've heard since I don't know when. The Eliot Lipp track doesn't have any words so maybe its like those times when you don't want to speak to your friends. The Madlib tune is just pretty and its called Friends so it gets in. YSP! WSD! are my new best friends, they're not really but I wish they were. The Depeche Mode tune, well, I just fucking love it and I guess I'm not friends with Alison Goldfrapp because she dissed a friend of a friend. The She Wants Revenge tune is also just fucking amazing and completely my favorite tune of the moment - its about relationships so I guess thats like friends - anyway enjoy.

Daniel Cirera - Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex Girlfriend

Eliot Lipp - Rap Tight

Madlib - Friends

You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Love in the New Millenium

Depeche Mode - Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)

She Wants Revenge - 'hidden track'

Hip shakin' green tea eXtasy/If you wanna tea bag you shake it wit me

All the ventricles of my heart are open, caffeine infused body juice pumping through in a spasms and spurts. This always inspires me to do primarily one thing: listen to world music. Preferably of the bollywood,asian,bellydancing breakbeat, booty shakin', raft down the river variety. Right now,I want to do some downward facing dog in yerbe mate aftermath,while listening to Dengue Fever. Thankfully,I am going to see them tonight so while yoga in a bar is usually out of the question( although I might be one of the few to try) and my yerbe mate will be replaced with something more liver petrifying,at least I'll have my Dengue. what what!

Dengue Fever- Tip My Canoe

Dengue Fever-Sleepwalking Through The Mekong

Boomin in ya jeep

Ok a few selections from me

First up the amazing Jens Lekman, a Swedish singer-songwriter who turned my head in the last few weeks
Do You Remember The Riots?

And 50 Weapons, a bootleg apparently done by an uber production duo, my money is maybe Autechre, I bought it on Boomkat see?
50 Weapons


Wow, what a nice spot we have here......
So a kid kicked a ball in my face the other day at point blank range as I was enjoying the very seasonal snow flurry that we all experienced.
This made Tim mad (something that doesn't happen very often) and the only tune that would placate is this.....

Benny Sings

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here Is What Is On My Plate Currently...

Listening to the Optimo Tropicalia mix that is for the Soul Jazz Records compilation that just came out. Tropicalia Mix.mp3

As well SXSW is having some new bands I have yet to check out including....

NoMo - Jazzy army sized band from Detroit.
Better Than That.mp3

Witch - Band featuring J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) on drums as well as members of Feathers Seer.mp3

That is all for me today...

Watching me beet off...songs about boys #1

In a post- Valentine's day quest to make a mix CD for my one true that had no drippy,sappy songs on it (as opposed to the one I made for our romantic dinner which comprised of me drunkenly weeping while the beet soup I spent 4 hours making exploded all over the kitchen,and sending one true to the patio to get stoned so he didn't see me having a ridiculous tantrum), I discovered I have a lot of songs that are specifically about boys and/or girls. Shocking. I know. Now, I noticed that the ones about boys are predominantly raunchy and sexy and always slightly irate,if not through the lyrics,then through the music. Songs about girls are ((USUALLY)) love songs. I am excluding hip-hop or dance tracks from that statement. I am really digging the Long Blondes track and the Dear Nora and Casiotone for The Painfully Alone track....the others are songs that I have cherished forever.







yay - tape club finally exists

So me and the RES crew have been listening to the original of this tune since we stumbled across this video - its a bit naughty so don't watch it at work unless you can watch naughty things without getting seen. Then I found this M83 remix - not his best but its alright.

Naughty Placebo - Protege Moi video directed by Gaspard Noe

Placebo - Protege Moi (M83 Remix)